Everything is based on Stickies (card, ticket, issue, asset, to-do, etc.). It does not matter whether it is a project, an organizational activity, a production problem or purely an internal process step. In this context the importance or priority, but also the granularity are irrelevant for the time being.

Every "Stickie" contains …

  • a task
  • the process (history of the Stickie),
  • the persons involved and
  • the time component (starting point, deadline, effort, ...).

Stickie~Recording & Selection

A first recording in the 'system' (on paper or electronic) happens constantly and everywhere. The improvement of the tasks is performed by the responsible team members (at least before the next team planning meeting within the cyclical process).

In this connection the following attributes can be recorded and improved:

  • priority, urgency
  • granularity
  • competence, responsibility
  • time component (i.e. submission date, deadline)
  • dependences
  • classification in “projects/files/categories”
  • cost assessment (through defined indicators, i.e. points, coins)

The selection of tasks to be processed for the next Stickie-Run is determined at the team planning meeting.


Every Stickie has a clearly defined status:

  • new
    • The Stickie is recorded and filed in a task memory. The content should at least express as much that the issue is also at a later time still clear.
  • ready
    • All tasks get this status, when they are as far specified that they can at least be undertaken by a team member.
  • in progress
    • The Stickie is currently processed by a team member. Those Stickies can be part of a Run, can include routine tasks or are unplanned and have urgently to be carried out. It should be avoided, however, to process more than five Stickies at the same time.
  • feedback
    • The task waits for (external) feedback.
  • solved
    • The activity is concluded regarding content. For the final completion it can be that a verification is necessary.
  • closed consists of
    • finished
      • The Stickie is formally completed.
    • remember
      • The information will be later used. It is possible to construct a knowledge pool in this state.
    • rejected
      • Stickies are marked as ‘rejected’ when the team is not responsible for them, the processing is stopped, they are factually incorrect, etc.

The result is the (Stickie)Flow!