Stand-Up Meeting

Completed tasks (of the previous day), difficulties and the tasks of the day are briefly discussed here.

For content-related discussions additional appointments should be arranged.

Interval: daily (every morning) duration: ¼ hour

The daily stand-up meeting is obligatory for all team members. Place and time are set by the team leader or determined together with the team members.

Generally it will be easier to find a common date at the beginning of the working day. Important is that this meeting regularly takes place and that all team members are able to participate.

These stand-up meetings can also be virtually if the team members cannot be or cannot permanently be at the same place (different locations, virtual teams, teleworking, etc.).

Within 15 minutes the previous working day is discussed. Every team member reports how much was possible to complete of the current task or what is already dealt with.

This way the team leader daily gets an overview how the team is doing and how well the team follows the timeline. If problems occur while the tasks are processed they can briefly be discussed here. In the absence of decisions they are made whether by the team leader or are requested of the persons responsible.

If contents are not clear they are separately discussed, according to their urgency at own meetings or at the team planning meeting at the latest. If own meetings are needed for clarifications the number of people required and the urgency can immediately be determined at the stand-up meeting.

As the name already suggests, it has proven a success to hold the meeting while standing. If the circumstances permit the Stickie~Board can be considered too, but it is not absolutely necessary.

The general rules of cooperation also apply here. It is paid attention to the time provided and that it is not exceeded.

The stand-up meeting is moderated by the team leader. Every person treats each other in a respectful way and constructively participates. Except of the above mentioned conditions the stand-up meeting can be freely structured and takes place without a written documentation like i.e. a protocol. Specifications and decisions of the stand-up meeting are documented in the respective Stickie by the persons responsible.