Management Meeting

  • review of the last week and advance planning of the next week (strategic guidelines, prioritizations, new tasks, etc.)
  • discussion and prioritization of CIP-Box contents (collection Potential for Improvement)

Interval: weekly, duration:  1 hour

At the management meeting the head gives new strategic directions as well as guidelines to the team leader and compares them with the results of the Stickie~Runs.

At these meetings prioritizations for the team leaders are laid down by the head or existing ones are changed. New tasks are announced to the team leaders.

Ideally they are as fast as possible recorded as Stickies depending on the available infrastructure, i.e. online, via app on the tablet or immediately after returning to the workplace.

The team leader(s) review the last Stickie~Run and provide a concise summary for their period. Within the course of lessons learned insights can be achieved here too that can be further processed through Stickies.

Head and team leader(s) also discuss the actual content of the inbox at their weekly management meeting. The proposals for improvements collected there are analysed for their potential. Together they decide on the further strategy depending on content and extent of the single proposal.

From these regular common management meetings the team leaders get the input for the planning of the next Stickie~Run together with their team.

The respective team leader gives a report to the team members at the next team planning meeting.