Stickie~Flow Guiding Principles

  1. We are committed to compliance with all regulations needed for the creation and processing of Stickies, projects and to-dos.
  2. Everything we do or plan is written on Stickies.
  3. All texts or commentaries within the system are written in such a way that they can be provided anytime to externs.
  4. All Stickies are kept up to date regarding status, time components and persons involved.
  5. Every Stickie is as long processed as there is at least a documentable intermediate result or as it is completed.
  6. If it makes sense we pass commented Stickies on to others
  7. We should not work on more than five Stickies at the same time.
  8. Every morning we meet for 15 minutes as a team for the stand-up meeting and discuss the day.
  9. As a benchmark we discuss at the team meeting what went well and where improvements may be needed.
  10. We trust in our leaders and head discussing the activities, successes and failures. Team leads and head are part of the system and collaborating like every on else.
  11. We can also use Stickie~Flow for our self-organization (the more we use the system the more effective it is).
  12. We are actively working on the further development of the system Stickie~Flow