Development until now

Starting in summer 2012 we (Kornelia & Peter Pfläging) designed and developed the principles of Stickie~Flow. It was based on articles about Kanban, Scrum, Personal Kanban and GTD (by David Allen). The concept was influenced by our personal experiences as well as input from many discussions, lectures and conferences.

  • Mid-2012: first draft
  • 2013: specification of boundary parameters and targets
  • 2014: improvement and formulation of guiding principles
  • November 2014: start of discussing the method with the leading team of KFA-IT (
  • March 2015: first article in a blog ( about the topic
  • April 2015: start of working with Stickie~Flow in an complete department
  • May 2015: presentation of Stickie~Flow at OSSBIG (
  • December 2015: Stickie~Flow website ( is launched
  • September 2017: Stickie~Box ( is launched.


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